Himanshuu Chandrakant Sheth

Love for photographing the great outdoors - nature, wildlife, people, cultures and spaces - has inspired me to embark on a journey, creating detailed customised Photo safaris.

I have traveled extensively in India & abroad, almost exclusively with my camera. My years of travel have helped me gather a wealth of knowledge and experience. My own little eccentricities have also fuelled my learning.

The thought of creating Photosafaris occurred to me in 1999. During my backpacking days. After travelling so much I kept thinking how to create a work module that would allow me to travel & share my knowledge & experiences with like minded people. The thought remained nascent till about 2004 when I started doing recces around India with the aim of creating customised itineraries which would be ideal for photography. These were specifically designed keeping the avid travel photographer in mind. The season, time of day, lighting conditions etc, were all taken into account, to ensure the best conditions for photography. After over 5 years of extensive travel and research, I conducted my first Photosafari in 2009. Slowly but steadily its kept growing. I began conducting photosafaris in India. I took a group of students for my first photosafari to Kutch. From then on I have conducted Photosafaris in Arunachal Pradesh, Bandhavgarh, Bandipur, Gir National Park, Halibed Belur, Junagarh, Khajuraho, Kanha, Kaziranga National Park, Khijadia Bird Sanctury, Marine National Park (Jamnagar), Shraavan Belgola. From 2013 I started doing international trips starting with Africa- Kenya, Tanzania & Namibia after which I conducted a photosafari in Bhutan.Now I’m expanding for you to explore more of our beautiful planet with Photosafaris lined up for Turkey, Kamchatka, Egypt, Papua New Guinea, just to name a few. I can also design a tailor-made photographic safari according to your specific requests and requirements!


Waheeda Rehman

I have been an avid wildlife and landscape photographer all my life and keenly pursued this hobby. It required lot of preparation and talking to experts and arranging Read More

Urvi Piramal

Himanshuu is truly an outstanding trip planner and a wonderful person to travel with. He has a mystical ability to capture the true nature of the moment and us to do the same. Read More

S. Ramadorai

Himanshuu's passion and enthusiasm for photography is most infectious. I happened to travel with him on one of the tours and was most impressed by his patience Read More

Roopkumar Rathod

Himanshuu is the most wonderful person I have come across. He is the ace photographer of our country and I'm always looking forward to join the numerous Read More

Vineeta Kanoria

Ok guys, here's a secret, just between you and me and those present in cyber space. I'm a little in love with Himanshu. That I'm a grandmother has no bearing here Read More

Tarini Vaidya

Himanshuu's Photosafari is a great way to travel and indulge your passion for all things 'Nature'. Even if you're not a photographer Himanshuu Sheth Photosafaris Read More

Mala Chadha

All I can say is that one workshop with Himanshuu has contributed to my interest in the world of photography. We travel a lot; but the photo safari my husband and I took Read More

Kalpesh Dhami

All the safaris totally exceeded my expectations, and a big thank you goes to Himanshuu who led the trip. After 8/10 days on safari, and staying in some of what I consider Read More

Sohail Rekhy

As a lifelong photography enthusiast, I was looking for a means to combine improving my photography along with traveling to new places. Himanshuu is a master of his craft Read More

Saloni Jhaveri

Himanshuu's photography trips have been not only about capturing beautiful pictures but experiencing very memorable moments and connecting to amazing Read More

Sanjana Agrawal

Exquisite locations, with the most diverse and interactive co-travellers. Himanshuu makes it a point to break the ice, ensuring you enjoy learn and take back jaw dropping Read More

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